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ACEO Tir by Nachiii
My part of ACEO trade with :icontir-goldeness:. Her dragon character with a beloved apple :)
Yin and Yang by Nachiii
Yin and Yang
A birthday present for our karate teacher, who is a great person and whom I respect. Not too long ago, he told me he wouldn't mind at all if I drew some picture for our dojo, if I had some time :). And because it not only sounded like a good idea, but also because I feel like I owe him, I thought of this. And now some explanation of the motif:

In the middle is a logo of the dojo - Shinzato dojo in Prague. In the center of the logo on a white background is the symbol of the style of "our" karate - the Goju ryu. "Goju ryu" can be translated as "hard-soft style" that emphasizes both the inner and outer strength. The name of the style comes from the third of the eight precepts that are the essence of the martial arts, written in the scroll called Bubishi: "The way of inhaling and exhaling is hardness and softness." And the style indeed concentrates a lot on the breathing, because it's important to develop the external as well as the internal strength.
The symbol of the style means the same. The circle-like thing represents the heavens and the soft, while the rectangular part in the very center stands for the earth and the hard. 
Around it in the dojo logo is something similar - two forces merging together or pushing one other. Like yin and yang. I chose to continue this pattern and draw two tigers jumping in sync as the two opposing forces that are both equally strong, chasing each other.
Tiger is one of the five animals connected to (especially chinese) martial arts (where the origin of karate lies, too). Tiger's attributes are courage, aggressivity and power, it probably has to do with the flow of qi (the energy), too, and is strong enough to shake the earth. It's one of the two strongest animals in chinese astrology together with the dragon.

Sorry for the load of text, but i felt like explaining the meaning of what I tried to draw. 

A slightly bigger than A4 scratchboard.


Martina Nacházelová
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Czech Republic
Hi, my name's Martina, I live in the Czech Republic and I study Biology at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague.
I have two big passions and that's watching birds and drawing (especially fantasy stuff as dragons ... and birds, of course :)). I'm just an amateur, but lately, I try to spend as much time practising as possible, 'cause I wanna get better and better :eager:. If you see something that's off in some of my works, don't hesitate to tell me so I don't repeat that mistake next time :aww:
And thank you for stopping by :)

Current Residence: Prague, Czech republic
Favourite genre of music: soundtracks, classical music, christmas carols, or whatever I like...
Personal Quote: What can't be achieved by force, can be achieved by even greater force!

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I'm sorry for not being very active and only lurking around lately. I haven't submitted much art (I do have some new pieces to show, though :)) and I left some comments unanswered - I'm sorry, I'll get to it soon.

In the meantime, I've been having a really great time. Though my broken toe wasn't completely healed at that time and still hurt, I participated in the Spring Gasshuku - an international karate meeting organized by our dojo. Four masters (7th and 8th dan) came and trained over a hundred people from eight European countries, including me :) I still had to walk with crutches - that looked really funny with the combination of the karate-gi (the "karate kimono uniform") - but I threw them away at the entrance to the gym and limped right in :). All the senseis were really nice and understanding, so I could participate fully, except for replacing some kicks with different techniques they showed me (that got my sparring partner a black eye during the partner drills and made me really ashamed, because he was really kind to me and I accidentaly hit him in return - but at least I tested how effective that move was :D). The Gasshuku was really tiring, but great and fun. 

Because of my injury, I didn't leave for the Baikal Lake like last year as I was supposed to. It is a pity, but on the other hand, I was free to go to Croatia to karate training camp (an I'll got to Russia the next year for sure :)). The people there were great, the sea was great (and the delicious ice cream!), the everyday training too and I learnt some new things and enjoyed it so much! My toe healed, but right the day after I became able to walk normally, my whole foot started swelling and hurting again. Oh well, everything can't be perfect :)
I've also made some nice memories: For example going to a pub to watch the first football match of the world championship (Croatia vs. Brazil) to root for Brazil with our Brazilian friend :D We didn't dare to be loud and only celebrated the goals by discreetly clinking glasses. But we were discovered nonetheless, with some Croatians pointing fingers at us and saying something probably not very nice. Fortunately, they didn't dare to start anything against a group of 15 karatekas (somebody heard them mumbling something about black belts, lol :lol:)
Being encouraged by sensei, I also found some time to sit at a nice place near the sea and do a little watercolor en plain air painting. And realized I'm really lacking skill in this, so I should practice more. 

And this weekend, not even a week since we returned from Croatia, I spent at another training camp in Southern Bohemia. You probably won't be surprised if I tell you it was awesome, right? The training was very intense that we all tend to fall asleep at any tiny opportunity and my whole body hurts, but I learned some new things and I can almost run again :) In the evenings we played games, listened to the guitar and sang songs by the bonfire and generally had fun. The atmosphere there was great, I almost feel like the people there are one big family. And most importantly, I passed the exams and became a proud owner of a yellow belt (9th kyu) :aww:. It's still a belt for beginners and might not seem like such a big deal, but the exam was quite intense and I'm really happy about it :). I was quite nervous as this was my first exam and I passed for both 10th and 9th kyu. I know I made mistakes, but that can only motivate me to try harder and become better :aww: If only my foot didn't swell again, dammit! :pissed:

And as for something art-related, I signed up for Noah Bradley's Art Camp - a 12-week online art course. I thing it will teach me a lot, but unfortunately as you could read above, I was a little busy and didn't complete most of the assignments (yet).
I've also got some commissions. I finished a second cover for a magazine about history (that will be published this month) :w00t: and I'm about to work on another one (for a different magazine, but from the same publisher each time). That makes me really happy, although I'm not very experienced in drawing people in general - again, it's about time to learn. 

And since I'm going to spend the summer mostly analyzing the huge amount of data for my diploma thesis and studying for exams, I'll definitely make time to practice drawing :) What are your plans for the summer?

Karate copy50 by Nachiii

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